Hey guys I hope you all are doing well!!! We both love road trips and here is another vlog where we have shared a historical place of Karnataka in Talakadu i.e. Mudukuthore Temple. Actually, in Talakadu there are five major temples but in this video we have highlighted only Mudukuthore temple in the upcoming videos, we will cover the rest of the temples. Temples in South India have become a shining example of the cultural heritage and diversity of India. Of all the existing ones and some of the finest architectural creations made over a period of thousands of years by historic dynasties for the creators and preservers of this beautiful planet. Many of the famous temples in South India have often been considered by historians and architects as the finest devotional constructions ever to be made. What made these temples not lose their charm with the passage of time was the strong and dedicated devotional purpose for which they were built. Mallikarjunaswamy Temple in Mudukuthore or Thirumalakudu Bettahalli at Talakadu part of Talakadu tourism Mysore Tourism Karnataka tourism stands atop a 200-foot high Somagiri hillock on the banks of River Cauvery. The place gets its name “Mudukuthore” from the river Cauvery as it gets a turn and flows forward. Muduku means ‘diversion’ and thore means ‘flow forward’. It is one of the five temples that are part of the Panchalingadarshana held at Talakad once every 12 years. The five temples, Sri Kshethra Vaideshwara, Sri Pathaleshwara, Sri Maruleshwara, Sri Arakeshwara, and Sri Mudukuthore Mallikarjuneshwara, are believed to be Panchalingas and thus have become famous.