India’s ancient temples are architectural marvels that portray the country’s rich past in terms of history, art, and culture. In South India, the most famous temples marked by structures in stone, tall towers, sculptures, and intricate inscriptions. The history of South India is best understood by listening to the stories that the inscriptions etched on temple walls. They serve as the primary sources of information that help us recreate the past. So, next time you see an inscription, try and listen to its whisper. I am sure, it has a story to share. Hi, guys welcome to our channel Desi Nomadic Notes I hope you all are having an amazing day. So, in this video, we are going to show part 2 of Walking through History where we are going to share some major temples of Talakadu and also the history behind these mysterious places. It is 45 km from Mysore and 185 km from Bangalore in Karnataka, India. Talakad is a historic site and of archaeological importance. It’s not only a spiritual pilgrimage center but is a scenic beauty with vast spreads of sand. So, if you want to know the full story you need to watch the full video, and for more videos like these, you need to do a very simple thing that is subscribe to my channel i.e., Desi Nomadic Notes click the like button only if you like my videos and share it among your friends family and also do comment because all your feedback is really valuable to us and one more thing if you have missed the first part of the video then you can watch that too I will leave the link in the description box given below. Apparently, Talakadu is named after the twin brothers Tala and Kada. It is a folk tale I suppose. Tala and Kada are hunters who one day set out in the forest looking to hunt. They come across a tree being worshipped by elephants. Curious to see animals worshipping a tree, they decide to axe it. But then the tree starts to bleed and the twin brothers realize their grave mistake. They start to address the wounds with fruits and leaves from the tree. Turns out the tree is Lord Shiva and the elephants are rishis (sages) worshipping him. Shiva gives darshan to all, everybody attains moksha and the place gets named after the twin brothers. And the temple at the place of this tree is now called Vaideyshwara temple. Today, most of the magnificent temples of this ancient town are submerged in sand. All the stone pillars (square at the base and fitted into a wheel below the abacus) lie scattered throughout the town. Among the temples of Talakad, the Pathaleshwara, Maruleshwara, Arkeshwara, Vaidyanathee-shwara, and Mallikarjuna temples form the Pancha linga.